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 Spring 2016


Hi Y’all, Hope all is well.

Here’s an update on all things Beavis Maplin. 

First of all out new single “The Last Generation” will be available on iTunes, Spotify etc. on July 4th.  It will be available with lyric video on You Tube and the final single from “Anthem for the Last Generation” before recording commences for the new album.


Secondly, Rob’s solo project “Yatesey” now has 3 singles on iTunes etc. and the new single “Anticipation” will be available on May 31st to coincide with some solo gigs through the summer.

 Thanks for stopping by.

Cheers for now



Rob's new solo singles can be found as lyric videos on Youtube

Walked into a tree

Forever Awesome

Gimme More



 Current Releases



Anthems For The Last Generation

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Ticker In The
The Last Generation
Your Trigger, My Pain
Even Steven
O Deep Joy
Long Lost Imaginary Friend
 Groovy Mutha’s

Resurrection Of The Fool
Dreams Forever


Ticker in the clock


1st Single from the Album

Anthems for the last Generation


Available on iTunes/Amazon etc.


See Youtube video
Link Below

Don’t forget, our first and second Albums “Life The Universe and Other Tall Stories” and “Ze Big Wow” are still available as are related singles and videos.

“Ze Big Wow”

Beavis Maplin’s second self-produced album, “Ze Big Wow” was recorded and mixed between October 2009 and February 2010.

Starting as a series of experimental Jams, blending different tunings and vibrant rhythms, the songs were developed using guitar riffs and drum grooves as a foundation.

The finished album is laced with the Band’s influences – from Bowie – Sabbath – Zepplin – Van Halen through to more recent band favourites – Muse- Wildhearts – Foo Fighters – Rammestein.

Just imaginge slinging all of these influences into the pot and adding a large slice of Beavis maplin’s irresistible knack of not taking things ’Too’seriously and Voila!! From out of the cauldron we have “Ze Big Wow” 


To hear excerpts, visit
 'Ze Big Wow - Sounds and Lyrics' page

"Life, The Universe and Other Tall Stories”

Beavis Maplin’s first Album “Life, The Universe and Other Tall Stories”, was written, recorded and produced by the band in their own studio in 2006 and released through unsigned cd in 2007.

Many of the band’s influences surfaced: From the rockier songs (Prefab Rehab, Psychomania) and the Punkier tunes (You’re So Self Abusive & Girl I’d Hate to be Your Boyfriend) to the lighter side (All Our Yesterdays, Anymoré, Goin’ Cuckoo) even some rap! (My Apocalypse).

The Album has recently been completely remixed, re-mastered and reissued with a new tracklist and Artwork


To hear excerpts, visit
 'Life, The Universe And Other Tall Stories
 - Sounds and Lyrics' page


Absolutely Got To Have A Piss

Released as a single by popular

Available on iTunes/Amazon etc.

See Youtube video
Link Below


Karma Comedian

Available on iTunes
Amazon and many
other web-based music

see link below
to Youtube video


"7 Sisters" E.P. Single

Track One -   "7 Sisters" - From the album "Ze Big Wow"

Track Two -    "Riding On The Crest Of A Wave" - From the album "Life The Universe And Other Tall Stories"

Track Three - "Absolutely Got To Have A Piss" - From the album "Ze Big Wow"

Availble now on iTunes, Amazon and other retailers as a download.

Click on player below to hear "7 Sisters"


"Forgiven" - New Single (remix), now available from January 24th as a Download from iTunes, Amazon etc.

- 1 minute video soundtrack also available on YouTube, see link below.


All Tracks are available at Amazon, Emusic, iTunes & more!  See Links Below.



Youtube Video Links
 picture links to our video soundtracks


'Ze Big Wow'
Firework video
Six 1 minute tracks


'Life, The Universe
& Other Tall Stories'
video compilation
Six 1 minute tracks


"7 Sisters"
& video


Single and Video


"Karma Comedian"
Single & video


"Absolutely Got To
Have A Piss"
Single and Video

"Ticker In The Clock"
single and video


"Shambollica "

Single and video 

click link below to take you to
 Beavis Maplin 
on iTunes


click link below to take you to 
Beavis Maplin  
on Amazon