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In The Studio
Beavis Maplin use:
A Roland TD6 Drum Kit - D.W. Pedals
Rode and Shure Microphones
Behringer Amps and Effect Simulators
Fender Guitars and Basses
Technics, Yamaha and Roland Keyboards
Focusrite and T.C. Electronic Compressors into Cubase SL2 and a Digital Village PC, via a Behringer 24.8.2. Desk.
Noise via Yamaha monitors and mixdown onto a Yamaha CD recorder.
Beavis Maplin use:
Pearl Drums, Zildjan Cymbals, DW Pedals
Line 6 Guitar Amps
Peavy Bass Amps
Shure Mics
Korg Effects
AND Guy Fawkes Pyrotechnics!!